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Easy Flash Transmission, 300 ml

110.00 EGP
  • Product Code: Easy Flash Transmission, 300 ml
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  • Transmission cleaner, differential (corona) and powertrain
  • The transmission is one of the most important and sensitive parts of the car, so any defect or failure in the performance of the transmission represents a big problem in front of the smooth running and harmonization of the car with different speeds and therefore it is recommended to use Easy Flash because:
  • Works to get rid of corroded metal parts (filings)
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-residue
  • It removes the melted rubber parts inside the transmission and makes it run better with a smoother performance
  • It removes deposits in the gearbox and cleans it of suspended impurities
  • It makes the transmission run better with a smoother performance
  • Completely safe on the transmission parts (Fiber - Oil Seal)
  • It can travel 20-50 km for excellent interior cleanliness of the transmission
  • Recommended use every 30,000 km
  • Size: 300ml

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